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photovoltaic solar panel for heating water in the children's pool

It’s a Gas – Gas Pool Heating

There’s nothing better than taking a dip in your pool without tensing up from the cold. You can feel your whole body relax the moment you slip into the long lasting warm water. With gas pool heating, you can achieve

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How to Choose a Solar Pool Heating System

No one likes swimming in a cold pool. It’s like going swimming in winter; your entire body locks up and you can do nothing but shiver. Make your pool more comfortable by installing a solar pool heating system. Not only

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Cheerful little girl playing under water in pool

The Dos and Don’ts of Pool Heating

If you’ve decided to heat your pool, then you’re on your way to having a luxurious advantage within your own home. Having your pool heated is very exciting, but some people can make some mistakes that can cost them time,

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An industrial pool heating and filtration system

What size pool heat pump do you need?

Heat pumps are extremely efficient pool heaters. The units themselves do not actually generate heat, but use electricity to distribute it ingeniously. A heat pump can extract heat from cooler air than the water it is going to warm up. This

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Birdseye view of man cleaning pool

Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips

Importance of Regular Checks and Cleaning for Your Swimming Pool If swimming pools were just concrete lined holes we’d all have a lot more diseases circulating. Dead skin, dirt, leaves, that muck under your fingernails and insects would be having

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A rooftop solar water heating array

Benefits of Solar Pool heating

Solar pool heating is a burgeoning trend that is witnessing a major uptake across Australia. Australians are increasingly interested in environmentally friendly products and reducing the costs of living. Solar pool heating provides both of these benefits while providing you

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Solar heating array on roof of bungalow behind swimming pool

Heating your Pool? – Go Solar

Solar pool heating is the way of the future, and the present! Solar pool heating is the most economically and environmentally effective way to heat your pool. The reality is that with today’s technology there are solar pool heating solutions

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