Common Problems and Repair Issues with Solar Pooling

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Common Problems and Repair Issues with Solar Pooling

Your solar pool heating system may be the top of the range; however, it is still susceptible to damage like every other system. Solar pool heating systems require regular maintenance to optimise its working, but even so, there are some issues that are just out of your control. It’s best to be aware of these problems so that if, and when, they happen, you’ll be prepared.

Read about common problems with solar pooling, and what you can do to help prevent, and fix them.


Do you ever notice small bubbles coming from your pool when your system’s on? Or is it taking a while for water to come out? If you’ve said yes to either, or both of these, you might have a problem with your flow. Your flow may be affected for a number of reasons.  It may not be receiving enough flow from the pump or the vacuum release valve (VRV) may require changing (the VRV is a serviceable part and should be replaced every 2 years). There could also be dirt or debris blocking your filter. It’s important that you keep your filters clean so that the system is fully functional.

Low Temperature

If you’re constantly dipping in your toes to check if your pool’s warm, chances are you have a problem with your system. Check to see if your system is turned on. Someone could’ve turned it off without you realising. If it’s an internal problem, your system may be impacted by other issues such as faulty wires, sensors, pumps or controllers may require outside assistance.


Leaks can occur and they can occur in a number in different places within the system. First of all, you may notice your water running in your gutters when it’s not even raining! The leaks may be coming from the temperature sensors  or pressure valve on the solar heating system. This may mean the valve or seal may need replacing. The leaks may be coming from the solar manifolds, which can be a result of extreme pressure within the system. Leaks from collectors are more uncommon, but if they do occur, call a serviceman.


If your solar controller isn’t functioning properly, there may be faults with your sensors. This can happen because of the impact of storm damage or wind resulting in cable damage. Try unplugging the sensors at the controller and swapping the pool and roof connection, to see if the fault is specifically in one sensor. The sensors may also be loose, so make sure they’re plugged in properly. If none of these work, replace the sensors.

Australian Energy Systems

If your pool still isn’t heating properly, get in touch with Australian Energy Systems. Not only do we help you choose a functioning solar pool heating system, but our technicians offer general repair and maintenance services. Contact us on 1800 243 847 for advice or to receive services from one of our friendly team members.


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