Is it Safe to Swim in Winter?

Swimming in thermal water pool

Is it Safe to Swim in Winter?

Cold water immersion can be a health booster under the right circumstances, but swimming in an unmaintained cold pool in winter could put your body at risk. Swimming in cold water puts you risk of a cold or flu, shock, painful cramping, increased asthma symptoms and even hypothermia. In this article, we will elucidate further on these risks and offer strategies for their mitigation.

Unmaintained Pools are Health Hazards

Pools are susceptible to all kinds of contaminations, even when you are using a pool cover. Some microorganisms found in unmaintained pools can cause fevers, respiratory infections, heart inflammation and even paralysis. An investment in your health is an investment for life, so take care of you and your family by maintaining your pool’s health over winter if you are intending to use it. Even if you aren’t planning on using the pool much or at all over winter, it is still a good idea to keep it maintained so that you can avoid treating serious infections when summer comes around.

Cold Water can Exacerbate Colds

Swimming in cold water is potentially dangerous, as it puts strain on the heart and runs the risk of a sudden loss of control over breathing. Though you may feel momentarily better after a swim, a cold dip will also extend the duration of your cold.

Pool Heaters make Winter Swimming Fun and Easy

If you want to use your pool during winter and don’t want an ice bath, pool heaters are the way to go. A solar heating system won’t be much use in the south of Australia during winter, so a pool heat pump or gas heater will be required if you want to make the most of winter swimming.

Pool Covers reduce Maintenance Requirements

Pool covers reduce the rate of water evaporation and slow the degradation of pool chemicals, reducing the amount of money and time required to maintain swimming pools. If you are going to use your pool irregularly over winter, a pool cover can help keep your pool healthy when you aren’t using it and improve its heating efficiency.

Maintain Your Pool to Keep it Healthy

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your pool healthy and reduce the possibility of it causing problems if someone swims in it during winter. Avoiding nasty issues such as algae build up and debris doesn’t require a lot of work if you regularly check up on your pool.

Australian Energy Systems Can Help You Prepare Your Pool for Winter

Be the envy of your neighbours with a heated pool this winter using the array of heating solutions available from Australian Energy Systems. We can talk you through the options and give you an obligation free quote. Call us today on 1800 243 847 or contact us online to find out how we can improve your winter pool experience.


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