Gas or Solar – How Should I Heat My Pool?

Gas or Solar – How Should I Heat My Pool?

Gas and solar technologies have their merits and downsides and there is no single option that is appropriate for everyone. In this article, we will briefly describe the operational principles of both pool heating options and explain their suitability for different situations.

Gas Pool Heating

Gas pool heating works in a very similar way to boiling a pot on a gas-powered stove and emptying the water into your pool. It is highly efficient at producing hot water in a hurry, day or night, summer or winter. This is the major advantage of gas pool heating over solar pool heating, which is very much dependent on the external weather and environment. Gas pool heating can be installed anywhere with an accessible gas line or room to plumb one. The major downsides of gas heating are that it tends to have extremely high running costs. Additionally, the combustion reaction which generates the heat also produces carbon dioxide and releases it into the atmosphere.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is an energy efficient pool heating option. It involves running a manifold of pipes across your roof to collect solar energy from the sun and transfer it to water that is released into your pool. It is energy intensive because it does not require energy input from the grid to heat water. The only energy input is to run the pump and monitor the temperature and control the flow. A solar pool heater costs roughly the same to install as a gas-powered heater or pool heat pump, but the running costs are significantly lower. The downside and shortcomings of solar pool heating are that they are not as effective in winter or in areas where there is limited sunlight.

Why not Both?

There is no need to get too worked up trying to figure out how to make the most out of one system or another when they can be combined to get the best of both worlds. In practice, most savvy pool owners take this option. It means that in regular operation and throughout summer, your pool is generally heated by solar heating, and when it is required, the gas heater is added as booster. With a combined system, you can heat your pool all year round and save on energy during months when pools are more appealing.

Talk to Australian Energy Systems About Your Pool Heating Needs

Australian Energy Systems is a leading supplier and installer of pool heating services throughout Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. We install and service gas, heat pump and solar heating systems, as well as sell pool covers. We have experience across a range of climates and meeting the different needs of varying customers. To talk to one of our pool heating experts about which technologies are appropriate to heat your pool, give us a call on 1800 243 847 or contact us online.


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