Saving Energy and Conserving Heat in Winter

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Saving Energy and Conserving Heat in Winter

Saving Energy and Conserving Heat in Winter

With energy costs constantly on the rise, now is the time to be saving as much energy as possible. As the chill begins to enter the air, you can almost see your energy bills skyrocket. Are you looking to keep the heat in and use less energy this winter? It’s easy once you know how! Here are our top tips:

Close Your Blinds/Curtains

A lot of heat can escape from windows, so keeping your blinds and/or curtains down can help keep the heat in. If you have double glazed windows, that’s even better, as you’ll avoid the heat escaping more effectively this way.

Shut the Doors

If your heating is only sectioned to one part of the house, close the doors to the rooms that aren’t in use to keep you warm. Even if you have central heating, it’s a good idea to close off the laundry and bathroom doors to keep things nice and toasty.

Rug Up

If you dress warmly, you’re far less likely to need the heater up too high, or to even need it at all. Rug up in your warmest dressing gown and snuggle up under a blanket to keep warm.

Heat Your Pool

Wouldn’t be lovely if, just like when you jump in your pool in summer to cool down, you could do it in winter to warm up? It’s the perfect solution for a chilly night. Invest in getting your pool heated so you can use it all year-round.  Don’t forget keeping the heat in your pool with the use of a pool blanket is the same as closing your doors or blinds in your home, it helps to keep the heat from escaping.

Install Solar Panels

If you really want to save energy, then solar panels are becoming a viable option. You can even heat your pool with solar. The more you use solar to heat your house, the more energy you’ll save and the more money you’ll have in your pocket.

Boost Your Insulation

A well-insulated home is a warm home at the fraction of the cost. Ensure your home is well sealed, and if it’s not, consider getting those door snakes out to stop the draughts from coming in under doors. You may even consider upgrading your wall or roof insulation to really keep things warmed up.

Enjoy a Heated Pool from Australian Energy Systems

Australian Energy Systems with over twenty years of experience installing and servicing pool heaters, we are more than happy to help you stay warm, even in winter with the comfort of a beautiful, heated pool. Contact us online today or phone 1800 243 847 to find out more.


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