Winter Time and your Pool – What you should Know

Steps in the frozen blue pool ice-hole

Winter Time and your Pool – What you should Know

When winter comes around, you may probably cover up your pool until summer comes again. However, you shouldn’t let the cooler temperatures stop you from getting a dip. With proper installations, maintenance and usage, you can enjoy your pool all year round!

Still thinking you’ll freeze up? Read our tips for making the most out of your pool during winter.

Install a Heater

Thanks to the invention of heating systems, you can enjoy a nice, warm dip even when it’s cold! Pool heating systems come in three variations: heat pumps, gas heating, and solar heating. Each of these variations have different benefits, from fast heating to being environmentally friendly. They’re also easy to function and maintain, so you can keep your pool warm all year long. These heating systems can be installed within a day so you won’t have to wait long to swim during winter!

Pool Covers

Because of all the rain and dreadful weather that comes with winter, your pool is more likely to be contaminated with leaves, dirt and nasty bugs. Using a pool cover can help your pool stay clean during winter, and prevent any debris from entering your heating systems. This could cause your filters to become dirty and clogged, preventing your heating system from running properly. Pool covers can also reduce heating costs by 80% by retaining heat and can also assist in raising temps by 4 to 8 degrees. This will help you save money, so you can use heaters throughout winter without worrying about bills.

Regularly Clean Your Pool

Even if you use a pool cover, there’s still a chance foreign objects may enter your pool. Not only does this make for a very unpleasant swim, but it could cause leaves and dirt to get into your heating systems. Use a scoop to get rid of anything that’s floating around in your water, and empty and clean your skimmer basket. You should also check for algae and remove it as soon as you spot any.

Check Levels

It’s important to check the chlorine, pH and alkaline levels during winter to keep your water clean. The chlorine level should be between 1 and 2 parts per million. Add a pool stocking chemical to ensure correct levels. Chlorine also needs to be checked once a week to for liquid chloride or granular. It should also be checked every two weeks to maintain a constant level of 1-2ppm free chlorine. The total pH should be between 7.0 and 7.8viii, and the alkalinity should be between 80 to 120 million parts per million. Adjust the pH by adding acid if the pH levels are too high or low. Mix the chemicals in a bucket of water before adding it, which should never exceed in amounts over 500ml.

Australian Energy Systems

If you would like any more advice about maintaining and swimming in your pool during winter, talk to the experts at Australian Energy Systems. We can help you choose and install the right pool heating system so you can keep warm during the cooler months, and provide you with quality pool covers. Hurry before the cold settles in and contact us on 1800 243 847.


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