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The cover of swimming pool which also lets the pool heat up from the sun.

What Does a Pool Cover Actually Do?

You might have seen your local public pool rolling out their enormous pool covers at the end of the day, but have you ever wondered what they actually do? There are a huge range of benefits to installing a pool

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Pool Safety - Young Girl Standing Outside Pool Fence Looking into Pool

Check Your Pool Safety Barriers Regularly

Installing a good quality fence is the best way to ensure your little ones can’t access your pool without supervision. Over time, your fence might require upkeep and maintenance to ensure the complete safety of your children. It’s important to

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green grasshopper on blue pool water background

Keeping Bees and Bugs from Your Pool

Many find there are more creepy crawlies and flying insects around in summer, and that can create a problem for pool owners. Bees, wasps and other flying insects are attracted to your pool because they see it as a ready

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Readiness for a beach holiday

Staying Safe In the Sun this Summer

There’s a lot of inconvenience involved when you install a pool, but when summer comes, it makes you glad you did it. However, those long days of summer also come with the hazards of too much sun, especially for children

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