If you’re looking to enhance your pool heating options with a residential pool cover or pool blanket, we have the right option for your home. Pool covers from Australian Energy Systems can help to heat your pool by as much as 8 degrees while reducing water loss and surface heat loss.

By simply adding one of these high-quality pool heating solutions, you can cut your pool heating energy bill by as much as 50%. Pool covers come in a variety of colours and are usually graded by Micron thickness, which is the thickness of the bubble curve.

A solar cover will dramatically reduce the environmental footprint of a swimming pool. A covered pool will use less water, less chemicals, and use less energy.

The question is not “Do I need a pool cover?” but “Which pool cover do I need?”

Pool Covers that help the sun warm the water.

These pool covers are the best choice for solar heating and water saving. Pool covers over 400 micron are Climate Care, Water Wise and Smart Approved Watermark licensed.

Our pool covers can stop up to 99.84% of evaporation & cut chemical consumption in half, and our Ultra 550 micron pool covers are thicker, stronger & better! PLUS they’re made in Australia.

Ultra 550m Pool Cover

  • 550 micron solar pool cover
  • 10 Year pro-rata warranty
  • Most popular cover.
  • The deep blue colour attracts and retains more sun for a warmer pool.

Ultra SIlverback 550m Pool Cover

  • 550 micron solar pool cover
  • Best choice pool cover for heat retention
  • 10 year pro-rata warranty
  • UV stabilised for the Australian climate
  • Climate Care Certified

Ultra Watermark Pool Cover

  • 530 micron solar pool cover
  • 8 year pro-rata warranty
  • UV stabilised for the Australian climate
  • Printed with natural-looking water design with the Ultra Pool Cover translucent blue on the bottom layer.

Pool Covers for Heat Retention

For pools with an external heating source, such as a heat pump, or solar or gas system, the main priority of a pool cover is heat retention.

While a solar pool cover will help with overnight heat loss , a specialised thermal cover like the Ultra Thermal pool cover is more effective.

Ultra Thermal Pool Cover

  • Material weight 550g/m2
  • Reversible (if the pool shape allows)
  • Cuts heat loss by 75%
  • Ideal for heated pools/indoor pools
  • Reduces evaporation by more than 99%
  • 8 year pro-rata against UV degradation & 12 months against de-lamination
  • Blue, double-reinforced woven fabric
  • 4.5mm thick, multi-layered thermal foam
  • Can be used with a reel system
  • Insulates – does not heat the water

Quality reels to suit most pools and budgets

A reel system is the ideal way to handle, store and protect a pool cover. Easily operated by one person, it will take just a couple of minutes to cover or uncover a pool.

Our range of reels (Ultra T frames & Ultra A frames) have parts that are all fully interchangeable – giving you the flexibility to swap tubes, ends, hand-wheels and crank handles.

A reel needs to span the width of the pool with a 15cm overlap on each side – so if the pool is 5.2m wide you need a tube that extends up to 5.5m long so that it can straddle the pool. Positioning the reel at the end of the pool will allow the straps and cover to rub on the pool edge, causing extra wear and tear and premature failure of the straps.

TIP: Over or under? The cover should be attached so that it rolls over the top of the reel and onto the water – it rolls better this way, plus it stops dust and pollen collecting around the bubbles.

Ultra T frame roller

  • Suits pools up to 6.7m wide
  • Fixed leg height
  • Protective overcover & attachment kit supplied
  • 10 Year pro-rata warranty
  • Minimalist, streamline design Electropolished Stainless Steel or Powder-coated Aluminium
  • Crank Handle at one end
  • Make it mobile with castors (additional cost)

Ultra A Frame Roller

  • Suits pools up to 6.7m wide
  • Low profile triangular frame with handwheel at one end only
  • 5 Year pro-rata warranty

castor wheels for rollers

  • 75mm diameter
  • Set of 4 (single) lockable castors.
  • Add to a stationary model to make it mobile.


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