Pool Heating Ipswich

Enjoy Year-Round Swimming

Make the most of your swimming pool in Ipswich, by extending your swimming season with our cost-effective pool heating solutions.

We offer a range of options including pool heat pumps, solar pool heating, and pool covers. 

Get a free quote today and enjoy a warm pool all year round.



The initial cost of pool solar heating depends on the size and setup of your pool. 

For an accurate quote, please get in touch with our team for free specialist advise.

Contact us today for a free quote and start enjoying year-round swimming in Ipswich!

Pool Heat Pumps

Enjoy Year-Round Swimming Comfort

Discover the affordable and energy-efficient solution of pool heat pumps to keep your pool warm and inviting throughout the year.

With innovative inverter heat pump technology, you can say goodbye to seasonal restrictions and enjoy a cozy swim even during the coldest winter months.

Solar Pool Heating

Use The Sun's Energy for Your Pool

Our solar pool heating systems in Ipswich are designed for small or irregular roof spaces, maximizing heating efficiency and saving you money.

Say goodbye to seasonal restrictions and dive into the warmth of your pool whenever you please. 

Pool Blankets and Covers

Protect Your Investment and Save Energy

Pool covers prevent heat loss and evaporation, maintaining the perfect water temperature.

In addition to keeping your pool warm, pool covers also protect your pool from debris, leaves, and insects.

Our pool covers are available in various sizes and shapes and are suitable for all pool types.

Enjoy a clean, warm, and inviting pool with ease and cost-effectiveness. 


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Frequently asked questions

Solar pool heating works by pumping water from the pool through a collector array, typically mounted on a roof. The water absorbs heat from the sun as it travels through the collector and returns to the pool, raising the overall pool temperature. It is an economical and environmentally responsible way to heat your pool using energy from the sun.

Solar pool heating offers several advantages, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness: It is the most cost-effective way to heat a pool, using free energy from the sun.
  • Automatic temperature control: A solar controller maintains the desired pool temperature.
  • Extended pool use: Solar heating can extend your swimming season by up to 9 months a year, allowing you to enjoy your pool for longer.
  • Energy savings: By using solar energy, you can save on energy bills compared to other heating systems.

Yes, we provide regular pool heating maintenance and servicing to ensure your system operates optimally.

Absolutely! Our pool heating heat pumps come with automatic temperature control, allowing you to set your desired pool temperature.

Yes, we provide financing options for pool heating systems. These plans can help you manage the cost of installation.

Our solar pool heating options are perfect for irregularly shaped roofs, maximizing

Cannot be happier with Australian Energy Systems. I had been in touch with a bunch of companies regarding solar pool heating and I am so happy I found AES! The team has been super helpful with helping me find the right solar pool heating solution, and some friends that have got a pool heat pump from them are equally as happy. Thanks guys!
Lily Smith
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