Why You Should Get a Professional Heating Consultation

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Why You Should Get a Professional Heating Consultation

When it comes to heating your pool, it’s essential to turn to the experts for guidance. Investing in heating for your pool is a wise decision, as it will allow you to use your pool all-year round, and gives you the chance to swim in the privacy of your own home. However, heating options vary – choose the wrong one and you’ll end losing time, money and the right to swim any day you like! Before you make an impulse purchase, turn to a professional heating consultant. Here’s why:

You Will Receive Expert Knowledge

Don’t rely on others’ opinion on which type of heating you should purchase for your pool. The type of pool heating that’s suitable for you will completely depend on your individual circumstances. An experienced pool consultant will be able to explore your options and help you choose the best one for your needs. During a pool heating consult, you’ll discuss:

Your budget

Your budget will play a part in narrowing or broadening your choices on how your pool will be heated. Your consultant will be able to offer you finance options and discuss which form of heating falls within your price range along with estimated running costs.

The Area in Which Your Pool is Located

If you are considering solar heating, your consultant will be able to discuss the benefit of solar heating and assess the location of the pool and the amount of shade that may impact the solar collector. As a rule of thumb the aim is to achieve 100% equivalent coverage in line with the surface area of the pool, so an assessment of available roof space will also be included as part of the consult.

How Often Do You Plan on Using the Pool

If you plan on extending your swim season to 8 or 9 months a year, solar pool heating will offer the most cost effective solution, but if you’re looking to use it night and day, you might prefer to invest in-demand type heating such as gas or a consistent heating option such as a heat pump.

Which Heating Type Will Suit You

Are you energy conscious? Perhaps solar heating is a good choice for you. Do you want your heat fast and for a shorter period of time? You might decide to invest in a gas heater. A good pool heating consultant will consider your needs and lifestyle, and factor this into their heating suggestions.

You Will Discover the Best Product Options

There’s always innovative and cost-effective pool heating methods being introduced to the Australian market. A great heating consultant will be able to take you through any new technology that’s available, and discuss their pros and cons so that you can make a well-informed choice.

Have a Consultation with Australian Energy Systems Today

Australian Energy Systems offer over twenty years of experience installing and servicing pool heating options, we are more than happy to have a heating consultation with you to discuss the perfect type of pool heating to suit your needs. Contact us online or phone 1800 243 847 today to find out more.


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