It’s a Gas – Gas Pool Heating

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It’s a Gas – Gas Pool Heating

There’s nothing better than taking a dip in your pool without tensing up from the cold. You can feel your whole body relax the moment you slip into the long lasting warm water. With gas pool heating, you can achieve just that. If you don’t plan of using your pool regularly, then gas pool heating is the best option for you. If you don’t know a lot about gas pool heating, we’ll explain everything there is to know about this convenient system.

How Does Gas Pool Heating Work?

Gas pool heaters burn natural gases to warm up your pool. The water is circulated through a pump that’s drawn in through a filter to the heater system. Warm water is then circulated back into the pool, quickly heating it up so that it’s comfortable to swim in.

How Does It Differ to Other Heating Systems?

Gas heating is suitable for all conditions so you can swim in your pool all year round. Heat pumps are more suitable for tropical climates, and solar pool heating works best when it’s sunny. Gas heaters also heat up your pool fast, while heat pumps and solar systems may take longer. However, gas heaters aren’t as energy efficient as heat pumps and solar pool heating. This means they may cost more money to run when compared to other methods.


HX Heater

The HX Heater requires low maintenance, making it suitable for the casual swimmer. They are also cost efficient, easy to function, and heats up your pool instantly. The HX Heater can be installed in half a day.

JX Heater

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor application, the JX Heater is very easy to install and manage. Designed for wall mounting, you can save a lot of space and maintenance. It also has lower clearances from windows and surrounding objects due to the forced draft combustion.

HiNRG Heater

The Astralpool HiNRG Heater comes in three different models that swiftly heats up your pool. Extremely energy efficient, it works with different pumps at various water flow rates, even at low speed. The HiNRG Heater also comes with low operating costs and pre-mixed combustion for low emissions.


If you want all the energy savings and advanced operating systems that come with larger heating systems, the MasterTemp range will guarantee great value. It quickly heats up at a reduced energy usage, with a fully pre-mixed system that has an efficient gas and air mixture. MasterTemp also has a hot surface ignition and push button, making it easy to operate.

Australian Energy Systems

Australian Energy Systems will help you select and install the right gas heater for your pool. Our friendly team will take you through the entire process, making sure you are satisfied during the experience. Contact us now by calling 1800 243 847.


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