Pool Heating Solutions in Melbourne, Victoria

Keep Your Pool Warm All Year

Looking for reliable and cost-effective pool heating solutions in Melbourne, Victoria?

Enjoy your pool year-round with our range of heat pumps, solar pool heating systems, and pool blankets.

Keep your pool warm, save on energy costs, and extend your swimming season with our efficient and sustainable pool heating options.

Extend Your Swimming Season

With Efficient Pool Heating Solutions in Melbourne, Victoria

Our expert team specialises in providing cost-effective and efficient pool heating solutions tailored to your requirements.  Don’t let the changing seasons limit your pool enjoyment.

Contact us today and turn your pool into a year-round oasis of relaxation and fun!

Get a free quote today and make the most of your pool in Melbourne, no matter the season.

Pool Heat Pumps

Fast and Efficient Year-Round Pool Comfort

Dive into a world of endless swimming pleasure with our pool heat pumps.

Take advantage of inverter heat pump technology.  All our pool heat pumps offer an affordable and energy-efficient solution to keep your pool warm and inviting throughout the year.

Say goodbye to seasonal limitations and enjoy a pool that’s ready whenever you desire.  Transform your pool into a haven of relaxation with our high-quality pool heat pumps.

Solar Pool Heating

Use the Sun's Energy for Year-Round Pool Enjoyment

Take advantage of the abundant power of the sun; our solar pool heating solutions provide a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to heat your pool.

Enjoy the warm water and extend your swimming season, soaking up the sun’s rays while minimizing energy costs.

Experience the ultimate pool heating solutions powered by nature itself.

Pool Blankets and Covers

Cover Your Pool, Uncover the Possibilities.

Dive into a pool that’s always ready for you with our high-quality pool covers.

Our pool covers provide the ultimate protection for your pool, keeping it clean, safe, and inviting. Say goodbye to debris, leaves, and insects, as our pool covers shield your pool from unwanted elements.

Not only do they maintain the ideal water temperature by preventing heat loss and evaporation, but they also reduce maintenance efforts and expenses. 


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Frequently asked questions

Yes, both heat pumps and solar pool heating systems are known for their energy efficiency. Heat pumps utilize electricity to transfer heat from the surrounding air to warm the pool water, while solar heating systems harness the sun's energy to heat the pool. These options are designed to minimize energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

Yes, pool heating systems typically come with temperature control features. Whether you choose a heat pump or solar heating, you can adjust and maintain your desired pool temperature for optimal comfort and enjoyment.

Pool covers are highly recommended when using a pool heating system. They help retain heat, minimise evaporation, and keep debris out of the pool, thereby reducing heat loss and maintaining the water temperature. Using a pool cover in conjunction with a heating system can significantly improve energy efficiency and cost savings.

Cannot be happier with Australian Energy Systems. I had been in touch with a bunch of companies regarding solar pool heating and I am so happy I found AES! The team has been super helpful with helping me find the right solar pool heating solution, and some friends that have got a pool heat pump from them are equally as happy. Thanks guys!
Lily Smith
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