Maintenance and Servicing for your Pool Heating

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Maintenance and Servicing for your Pool Heating

Everyone has heard the saying that prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to the maintenance and servicing of your pool, that is certainly true. Even the best pools and pool heating need to be taken care of to ensure they stay at their best for as long as possible. If you decide to let your maintenance and servicing go for longer than you should, you may end up with damage that is either extremely costly to repair, or you may end up needing a full replacement. Not only will your wallet be empty, but you’ll also have the inconvenience of not having a lovely, warm pool to enjoy! Luckily, maintenance for your solar pool heating is relatively easy once you know how to do it, and you can even do some yourself! Here’s what we suggest:


As with any pool equipment purchase, a solar system requires regular maintenance checks. Your system should be checked regularly for any leaks or equipment damage, especially following storms or high wind weather conditions. We also recommend a yearly service to be carried out by an qualified solar heating technician to enhance longetivity of the system and support any warranty issues.


When superchlorinating, it is vital that the solar system is switched off and the blanket is removed. Extreme levels of concentrated chlorine will damage the inside walls of the absorber, and over time, can cause the system to break down.  This is not something that is covered by any warranties. Do not turn the system on, or put the blanket back on until chemical levels have returned to ‘normal’. Chemical levels recommended in Australian Standard SAA HB65 – 1998 (4.11) are: Free Chlorine               1.0   to   3.0 mg/L       Calcium                       90   to   300 mg/L Combined Chlorine    0.5   to   1.5 mg/L        Total Alkalinity          80   to   300 mg/L pH                                  7.2   to   7.8 mg/L        Cyanuric Acid            30   to   50   mg/L

Cover Cleaning

It’s a good idea to clean your pool covers a couple of times per year. Solar blankets can be washed down also. This will stop any build-up of nasty debris on the pool cover that may transfer onto the surface of your pool water.

Get Your Pool Serviced by Australian Energy Systems

Australian Energy Systems with over twenty years of experience installing and servicing pool heating systems, we can assist with annual servicing, repair or maintain your pool heating so that you can enjoy the beauty of a heated pool in the comfort of your own property, all year round. Contact us online or phone today 1800 243 847 to find out more.


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