Perfect Swimming Games for Your Pool This Summer

Perfect Swimming Games for Your Pool This Summer

Is there anything better than watching your kids and their mates laugh and splash in the swimming pool for hours on end? We all want our children to lead more active and healthy lifestyles. Spending time in the pool is one of the easiest ways to get the whole family outside and truly living

While we’ve all participated in a round or two of Marco Polo in our time, there are countless other swimming games that anyone can play. You don’t need expensive inflatable rafts or diving toys to create fun – fun is natural! The best swimming games are those that encourage healthy competition, smiles and plenty of exercise. 

The more engaged the kids are, the longer they’ll spend in the water. Let’s go through our favourite swimming games.

  1. Grape Quest
  2. Bodyboard Brain Teaser
  3. Synchro Session
  4. Tug of War-ter

Before you start! 

Remember: To really maximise your swim season and keep the family active all year-round, a pool heater is essential. Swimming is one of the most loved pastimes of Aussie kids. 

However, for many months of the year, you’ll often hear from them that it’s “too cold” to go into the pool. Even in summer, we avoid the pool at night, because the temperature is just that little bit too chilly.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can get the most out of your pool and extend your swim season to every day of the year, with efficient and affordable pool heating. Find out more about heat pumps, and solar and gas pool heating. 

Swimming games: Bodyboard Brain Buster

Players: 1+

Most kids with a backyard pool have a bodyboard that doesn’t see much use. You can put it to work by setting up a numbers puzzle. The only other things you’ll need are non-slip rubber mats, scissors and a thick felt-tipped pen. 

Cut the mats into 20 small squares, and write two sets of the numbers 1-10 onto them. Spread them throughout the pool. Shout any number under 50, and then send players off on their bodyboards to collect numbers to add, subtract or multiply to reach it.

This game is excellent not just as a physical workout, but also as an exercise for the brain. You can adjust how many numbers there are in the pool, as well as the number you shout, to modify the difficulty.

Swimming games: Synchro Session

Players: 2+

Sometimes, a swimming game can just be about getting creative and working as a team to put on a show. This idea requires nothing but open minds, a bit of imagination with choreography and a willingness to look a little silly. 

Either split into groups or all together, ask participants to pick a song and then give them 15-30 minutes to coordinate some synchronised swimming to go along with it. Then, they have to present it! 

Encouraging kids to just be silly, and come up with their own structured fun, can actually reveal some hidden talents and leadership skills!

Swimming games: Grape Quest

Players: 1+

Forget about tossing diving toys into the pool that the kids can find within five seconds. Make your dive swimming games a challenge – all you need is a bunch of seedless green grapes and a pair of goggles. 

Ask players to turn around, and then throw individual grapes throughout your pool. Time how long it takes solo players to find each one, or for more than one participant, see who can find the most.

Grapes aren’t just challenging to find in pool water, they’re also a tasty reward to enjoy at the end of each game (just be sure to rinse them off with tap water).

Swimming games: Tug of War-ter

Players: 2+

Reimagine a classic into a swimming game that tests their kicking power in the water. You can play this one with just a pool noodle (for two players) or a long piece of rope (with more than two players). 

Set your players up on opposite ends of the noodle or rope in the middle of the pool. When you say “Go!” they need to kick and pull as hard as possible, to reach their designated finish line. 

Alternatively, try a variant of the game, where players instead have to push an object into the opponents’ territory. 

To play these great swimming games any day of the year, get pool heating from AES. It’s the affordable way to get the most out of your pool.


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