Is pool heating worth it in Queensland?

Is pool heating worth it in Queensland?

Beautiful one day, perfect the next – so do you really need to heat your pool, or is it wasted money when we live in paradise?

There’s a reason thousands of people have made the move to Queensland over the past two years – our weather, our lifestyle, and our laid-back culture are unlike anything else in Australia.

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of our lifestyle hotspots – Gold Coast, Brisbane, or Sunshine Coast – you know a pool is one of the best investments you could make to revel in our perfect weather.

But, even here in the Sunshine State, nights get cold as early as the final days of summer. The overnight chill makes it impossible for your pool to maintain a swim-worthy temperature even during autumn and spring when the days are hot.

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Weighing up the ‘liveability’ factor

Before we dive into the costs (and savings) of heating a pool in Queensland, it should be said that there are two factors to consider: expense and lifestyle.

It’s one thing to weigh up dollars and cents, and another to consider how life will change when you can use your pool for weeks or even months more each year.

A little extra oomph can dramatically boost your at-home living experience. For instance:

  • lazy night swims under the stars
  • swimming in springtime sunshowers
  • enjoyable pool-time even when it’s shady
  • keeping the kids occupied (and outside) for many more weeks of the year
  • using the pool more if you’re one of those people who dip in a toe and run away screaming when it’s only just the end of summer!

And then there’s the extra value a warm pool adds to your home when it comes to resale time. Why? Because you’re selling a dream – year-round swimming in the most beautiful place in Australia!

You’ll have to trust us on this one. We’ve rarely come across a household that regrets getting more family fun, recreation and exercise out of their pool investment!

The cost of running a pool heater in Queensland

We just said a pool is an investment, and it is – the same way you would invest in adding an extra bedroom or renovating a worn-out bathroom.

Installing a medium-sized pool can cost $30,000 or more, which is a significant amount to spend on something you can only use for three months of the year.

Fortunately, living in Queensland, keeping your pool warm for a few extra weeks or even year-round is easier and cheaper compared to other states and territories because of our fantastic climate.

The absolute must-have for your pool

No matter which method of pool heating you choose, you’ll want to avoid losing that precious heat through chilly air and evaporation. We highly recommend using either a pool blanket or liquid pool cover to protect your pool.

A pool cover is a blanket that rolls out to cover the surface of the water. It’s incredibly effective at maintaining heat and can cut your heating costs by up to 50%. A liquid blanket like Heat Loc is an invisible fluid you add to your pool water that floats to the top and forms a blanket, reducing evaporation and heat loss.

Even if you don’t heat your pool, a pool blanket can give you some warmer swimming days on its own.

Now, let’s look at the pool heating options that are best for Queensland homes.

Solar pool heating

Solar is a brilliant option for subtropical Queenslanders because we have around 300 days of sunshine a year. Solar pool heaters pull water up to a collector mat on the roof, where the sun’s energy heats the water before it’s recycled back into the pool.

Solar pool heating uses renewable energy, making it the most economical and low-maintenance way to heat your pool. It can be installed on tin or tile roofs in around a day and requires very little electricity to run – around 18c worth an hour. If it’s paired with a filter pump, it adds zero extra cost to your power bill!

We’ve seen solar pool heating systems give our Queensland customers 9 months of swimming time in a year for a small one-off investment and minimal – if any – ongoing costs. A system can easily last 20 to 30 years, even in the harsh Aussie sun.

Since there are some boxes to tick with solar (for instance, you’ll need to have enough roof space for the size of your pool), it’s a good idea to talk to a provider like us to see if solar is a good fit for your home.

Heat pump pool heater

While a solar pool heater relies on weather and can’t guarantee 365-day-a-year heating, an electric heat pump definitely can. A heat pump pool heater is a unit installed near your filtration system that uses heat from the outside air to warm the water before returning it back to the pool.

Modern electric heat pumps use smart controllers and variable compressors to maintain the pool’s temperature while keeping electricity costs to a minimum. It’s the most economical way to ensure year-round, enjoyable swimming without a big power price tag.

Gas heat pumps

Gas heat pumps are another option for ultra-fast heating of your pool every day. A gas heat pump can warm a medium-sized swimming pool to 30 degrees or so in around 8 hours! However, since gas heat pumps use natural gas or LPG bottles to heat the pool water, the ongoing costs can be quite high.

That wasn’t always the way, but gas prices are increasing and we’re tending to point towards solar heating or electric heat pumps as the more economical option for Queensland homeowners.

Choosing the best option for you

Your best bet is to talk to a professional who can tailor a solution for your home. There are plenty of factors to take into account:

  • The size of your pool
  • Your home’s location and orientation
  • Trees and buildings casting shade on the roof
  • The size of space for a heat pump or gas heater unit
  • Whether you want year-round swimming or a few extra weeks each year


As Queenslanders ourselves, we know this is one of the best places to heat your pool because our sunny year-round climate makes it cheaper and easier to keep your pool warm without big expense. Ask us for a hand in choosing your pool heater and take advantage of our perfect days year-round!


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