Is there a pool cover for kidney shaped pools?

Kidney Shaped Pool

Is there a pool cover for kidney shaped pools?

A pool cover is one of the most efficient ways to heat your pool, as well as minimise water loss and chemical use. Because a heavy-duty pool cover can last up to 10 years, it quickly pays for itself through increased pool usage, as well as reduced energy costs.

The team at Australian Energy Systems often gets asked whether pool covers are available for kidney shaped pools. The short answer is: absolutely! When you engage with professionals, they’ll work with you to find the right pool cover that fits with both your pool and your lifestyle.

See our recommendations for your irregular or kidney shaped pool.

Which pool cover not to use for a kidney shaped pool

It may have been true in the past, but the idea that no pool cover will fit on a kidney shaped pool is simply false. There are so many flexible choices available today for pools of every shape and size. However, some options will be more difficult to make work than others.

While it’s certainly possible to add a rigid cover to some oddly shaped pools, the cost involved in customising it and shaping each slat could be excessive. Very curvy or bulbous pools can also cause problems for rigid covers, because ‘humps’ in the design can block the slats from covering certain areas. This means that you’re more limited with where you can place your roller. 

Which pool cover to use for a kidney shaped pool

Luckily, more flexible options are available. Because they’re made from a plastic membrane, Daisy Pool Covers can be quickly and affordably tailored to suit any pool shape. They work by transfering heat from the sun into the water, while also protecting the chlorine from UV light and preventing leaves from settling in your pool (or worse, your filter).

You will still need to consider how easily one of these solar blankets will wind up onto a roller. Some pool shapes are so irregular that they may cause the cover to bunch up. When using a roller for this kind of pool, it will be important to wind the blanket extra slowly.

Pool roller positioning on a kidney shaped pool is also very important. It isn’t always possible to put the roller at the end of the pool. Before choosing the cover, talk with a Daisy Pool Cover specialist or a pool heating professional – like Australian Energy Systems – about the best location for your roller.

Alternatively, try a liquid pool cover, like HeatLoc. These covers create an invisible layer of undetectable liquid solution on the surface of the water that helps retain heat and reduce evaporation. You can even swim while it’s on!

How to measure a kidney shaped pool

When looking to get a quote for a kidney shaped pool cover, it’s best to come prepared with the full rectangular size of your pool. Measure the inside length and width of your pool from its furthest points to ensure that there will be enough material to cover the entire surface.At Australian Energy Systems, we’ll help you find the ideal cover for your pool. No matter its shape, our team will ensure that your pool cover is both easy to use and fits perfectly. Get in touch with our team for advice on the right solution for you.


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