Easy guide to the best pool party for kids

Easy guide to the best pool party for kids

Organising a pool party for your kids and their mates is one of the best ways to get them off the couch and playing together outside. Rather than simply inviting everyone around and pointing to the pool, you can spend just a little bit of time to make their afternoon special. 

A pool party can be a great way to cool down with teammates after a footy game or a way for your child to get to know their classmates at a new school. Putting together an event like this, whether for a birthday or just a day of fun, doesn’t have to take you hours. 

Remember our 5 quick tips to create the perfect pool party for your kids:

  1. Get pool heating
  2. Choose a theme
  3. Overload on pool toys
  4. Create simple nibbles
  5. Add a sunscreen station

Get pool heating

A heated pool is the ideal way to encourage kids to use the pool when they might not otherwise, and it makes a pool party possible at any time of the year! Solar pool heating or a heat pump can be a very efficient and cost effective way to heat your pool.

A heat pump from Australian Energy Systems uses up to 80% less power than standard heat pumps, which means that you can enjoy swimming 365 days of the year – well beyond your pool party and the normal swim season. 

Choose a theme

A fun and easy-to-execute theme elevates any pool party and informs everything from the food to the decorations. 

Simple concepts, like ‘tropical’ or ‘superhero’ take almost no time to implement. After all, what kid doesn’t have hawaiian swim shorts or a costume of their favourite character that they could wear while swimming? 

More complex ideas, like creating a ‘movie night’ or ‘sports day’, are perfect for setting up an outdoor theatre or athletics competitions on the side. 

Here are some of our favourite themes:

  • Under the Sea (Ocean theme)
  • Just Like Magic (Fantasy theme)
  • Totally Tropical (Hawaiian or beach theme)
  • Superhero Splash (Favourite cartoon or hero theme)
  • The Dive In Drive In (80s or movie night theme)
  • Swim, Kick, Score! (Sports theme)

Decorate your backyard in a practical way, with components that match the theme:

  • Use beach towels, umbrellas and pillows to create a chill-out zone. 
  • Supply a party pack that includes a wide brim hat, flavoured drink and sunglasses. 
  • Play appropriate music in the background to help set the mood.

Overload on pool toys

To ensure that everyone can participate and have a good time, you can never have too many toys at your pool party. Stock up on water guns as your first priority. They’re at the centre of every great pool party! Get plenty of variants, like pistols and pump-action blasters, to keep the kids entertained for longer.

Pool noodles, slides and even gear for team sports (like volleyball and basketball) are essential additions. When including inflatables, make sure that they match your theme. For example, choose large pineapples for tropical or unicorns for magical themes.

Create simple nibbles

You’ll want to provide light food that the kids can eat on the go during playtime. Small, healthy snacks are a must. They’ll need enough sustenance to fuel the energy that they need for a day of fun, but you also don’t want them swimming on a full stomach. 

Bite-sized fruit, cheese and baked crackers are excellent choices. Try cutting each one into shapes that match your theme and create labels that tie them together. For example, for an ocean theme, cut your cheese into fish shapes (and label them ‘sharks’) or cut watermelon slices into stars (and label them ‘starfish’).

Add a sun safe station

There’s nothing more important during a daytime pool party than being sun safe. This means more than slip, slop, slapping at the start of the event. Sun protection should be reapplied frequently throughout the day, and having a dedicated spot with lots of zinc colours, oil-free sunscreen and different types of hats can make doing that fun. 

Make sure that the kids keep their hats and swim shirts on throughout the day and encourage them to wear sunglasses when not swimming underwater to protect their eyes. 

The most important thing to remember when putting together a pool party for your kids is to be creative! Start with the basics and add your own flair to make a day that’s truly memorable.


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