Staying Safe In the Sun this Summer

Readiness for a beach holiday

Staying Safe In the Sun this Summer

There’s a lot of inconvenience involved when you install a pool, but when summer comes, it makes you glad you did it. However, those long days of summer also come with the hazards of too much sun, especially for children who are having so much fun that sunburn isn’t noticed until it’s too late. With a bit of planning and awareness, it’s possible to enjoy your pool and the summer sun while staying safe and protected.

Sun Safety

Most of us are aware that too much sun can cause a lot of damage, and that goes double for sensitive skin. Make sure you and your children are well protected with sunscreen and full-coverage bathing suits and hats while swimming and playing around the pool. It’s important to use a water-resistant, broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, and to re-apply it every two hours if you’re swimming. Remember to apply it at least half an hour before going out in the sun to give it time to work properly. One place that tends to burn, even with sunscreen, is where your bathing suit meets your skin, so apply your sunscreen all over before you get dressed in your swimming costume.

The Importance of Pool Covers

Never underestimate the importance of a good pool cover. They help keep the water at an even temperature, which saves money on pool heating, and they keep your pool water cleaner, which means it requires less maintenance and chemicals. A pool cover can also keep bees and other bugs out of the pool. You do still need to look out for them while you’re swimming, especially bees and wasps.

Outdoor Entertaining

Pool parties are a great way to entertain in summer. Ensure you and your guests can stay out of the sun by having plenty of shade with extended verandas, pergolas and even a large shade cloth over the pool for swimming comfort. Have lots of sunscreen on hand, as well as cool drinking water to keep dehydration at bay.

Pool Heating Solutions

Here at Australian Energy Systems, we’re all for sun safety. Give us a call on 1800 243 847, or contact us online to find out more about our range of pool heating solutions, as well as our pool covers.



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