Summer in the Pool – Tips and Tricks

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Summer in the Pool – Tips and Tricks

The Australian summer can be brutal. It is the perfect time of year to make the most of having a pool and when there is so much heat around it can be deeply disappointing to find your pool too cold to properly enjoy. In this article we will discuss some simple environmentally conscious ways to warm your pool and reduce water loss during summer and extend the swimming season on either side of it.

Pool Covers Save Money and Warmth

A pool cover is the cheapest and easiest way to maximize heat retention of your pool. Sometimes referred to as a heat blanket, a cover will minimize heat loss to the surrounding air. Pool covers can also act as solar concentrators, albeit nowhere near as efficiently as solar heaters, to transfer heat from the sun into the pool. A pool with a cover can be 4-8 degrees warmer than one without. Residential pool covers are available in different grades differentiated by the thickness of the bubble curve. The thicker the cover, the more heavy duty, meaning longer lasting and more efficient at trapping heat. Whether you want to heat a residential or a commercial pool a pool cover will save you money. A pool cover minimizes evaporation, which saves you money on water bills. A pool cover will also block UV radiation, which decomposes active chlorine in the pool, so using a cover will mean topping up the chlorine less frequently.

Solar Pool Heaters

When combined with a filter pump a solar pool heater will consume no electricity to heat your pool and extend your swimming season by months. Solar pool heaters are tubes running along your roof that absorb solar radiation you pump pool water through. Solar pool heating has developed extensively over the last few years and there are now high tech solar pool heating solutions on the market. This means you don’t have to compromise with lukewarm solar heating but can actually revel in serious comfort. A solar pool heater can be combined with another more energy intensive system and help to reduce the associated cost. They are even effective on cloudy days.

Do Something for the Planet

Before installing a costly electrical or gas heating system for your pool consider the benefits of the environmentally conscious approach. If your pool can remain functional and comfortable without excess energy consumption that’s good for your wallet and the planet. That’s why a pool cover and a solar water heater should be the go to solution for your pool. What’s better, if you find these solutions aren’t meeting your expectations they can be augmented by another heater without any trouble.

Contact Australian Energy Systems for Your Solution Today

Australian Energy Systems are the premier service agents for Queensland and New South Wales with more than twenty years of experience installing and servicing pool heaters. They are excited about the waves of environmentally conscious innovation intersecting with their business and would be delighted to discuss how it can be put into practice with your pool.  For more information call 1800 243 847 or get in touch online.


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