Pool Covers Can Help Save Energy Costs

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Pool Covers Can Help Save Energy Costs

Many swimming pool owners are still learning about the advantages of having pool covers. They can be seen as an extra step or unnecessary, but the perfect pool cover comes with a whole range of benefits. Once you invest in one, you’ll wonder how you ever got on without it!

Extra Heating

Pool covers themselves can generate a slight temperature rise in your pool, as much as 4-8 degrees. The more sunlight that can reach the pool cover, the more it will take and retain that heat.

Reduction in Energy Costs

Your pool cover will not only contribute to the heating of your pool, but it will work to retain as much as heat as possible. When you go to heat your pool again for the next time you use it; you probably won’t need to have your swimming pool heating system run for as long as you would typically need it to. If you live in a sunny area, you may find yourself having to use your heater very little, if at all, during the warmer months. For this reason, you should notice a reduction in your energy bills!

Reducing Evaporation

A swimming pool without a cover can be heated by the sun, but it will also evaporate the water. While you might have heated water, you won’t have much of it left, and the more water that is evaporated, the more heat loss occurs too. 75% of heat loss is through evaporation. It’s a cycle that can be stopped merely with the use of a pool cover! By having a barrier between the water and air, you significantly reduce evaporation and keep that heat in.

Less Water Usage

With a pool cover reducing the rate of evaporation, you will not be needing to top up the pool water. You can lose nearly a centimetre (or quarter of an inch) a day of water. If left for a week, that is a lot of water that will need to be replaced. That’s time spent waiting for the pool to refill and of course, dollars spent as well.

Less Chemical Replacement

Evaporation continues to wreak havoc, but this time on the chemicals in your pool. Chlorine is needed to help sanitise your swimming pool, but when those UV rays from the sun are beating down on it, the chlorine will degrade. Having a pool cover will stop this from happening. You will save time from continually checking levels and refilling and money on having to buy it so often.

Keeping Out Debris

Swimming pools are generally open areas where you’ll end up finding all sorts of things over time. Leaves, debris, dirt and even unwanted critters will find their way in. A swimming pool cover will stop that. All you will need to do is take off the cover and enjoy the pool. You won’t need to spend time scooping everything out. Pool covers also protect your swimming pool heating system and pump. If there is a build-up of too much debris, then it can cause damage. Pool covers are essential for any pool owner who wants to enjoy their pool while keeping running costs low. At AES Pool Heating, we offer the high-quality pool covers for both residential and commercial pools, whether they are above or in-ground. From light covers to industrial strength, we have what you need in the best pool covers available. They even come in a few different colours that suit your style. Check out our range of swimming pool covers and other pool heating options that will allow you to enjoy your investment for beyond the summer months. Contact Us


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