Keeping Bees and Bugs from Your Pool

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Keeping Bees and Bugs from Your Pool

Many find there are more creepy crawlies and flying insects around in summer, and that can create a problem for pool owners. Bees, wasps and other flying insects are attracted to your pool because they see it as a ready supply of water, but many falls in and struggle to escape before drowning. You’re likely to encounter them while you’re swimming, and many people are stung by angry bees and wasps in their pool each year. You’ll never be able to avoid them all, but you can reduce the number by following these tips and tricks.

An Alternative Water Source

Since the bees and bugs are, for the most part, just trying to get a drink, consider supplying an alternative water source if you have a problem with insects in your neighbourhood. Ponds, buckets and bowls of water can help to divert the bugs and bees from your pool, but be especially careful with children and pets around. You don’t want them playing or drinking in the bees’ water, so, if possible, put your alternative water source close to where the bees are so they’ll find it before they find your pool. You should also be aware that it could encourage mosquitos to breed in some regions, so it’s all about striking a balance.

Plant Repellents

There are many plants that repel bugs and bees, so if you have a garden around your pool, try planting some to make it less attractive to them. Plants like fennel, thyme, mint, and lemongrass look lovely and smell divine, unless you’re a bee or wasp or any other bug. Keep your brightly coloured, bee-attracting flowers away from the pool and grow some nice herbs close by instead.

Using a Pool Cover

A well-fitting appropriate pool cover is the best solution for keeping bugs and debris out of your pool when you’re not using it. You’ll also have the added benefit of less pool maintenance and a more even water temperature, especially if you’ve installed pool heating for year round swimming comfort.

Proper Cleaning and Chemical Use

Proper and regular pool cleaning can remove dirt, leaves and bugs from your pool and ensure the water is clean before you get in. Using the correct chemicals in the right amounts will also deter bugs and bees, as well as keep the water clean and healthy for you, and your family and friends to swim safely.

Pool Heating Solutions

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