How Solar Energy Is Changing Our Relationship with Electricity

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How Solar Energy Is Changing Our Relationship with Electricity

If you could make use of an energy source that’s clean, quiet, environmental-friendly, renewable, sustainable, and free, would you think it was too good to be true? Or would you make the switch like thousands of Australians already have? Solar power is all those things and more, and it’s changing the way we think about our relationship with energy.

Abundant and Free

Energy from the sun is free and plentiful, and you don’t need to live in a particularly sunny climate to benefit from it. Solar panels make energy from daylight, and it doesn’t have to be direct sunlight, so even on cloudy days you’ll be making plenty of free power. Your only cost is the equipment to capture and convert the sun’s rays and battery storage if you want to use your free energy at night.

Good for the Planet

Clean, green, and quiet, solar energy is environment-friendly, doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases, self-sufficient and made on-site. It really is the energy source for the future and the solution to our dwindling non-renewable fossils fuels that have contributed so much to pollution and climate change. Even your solar panels and other equipment are almost maintenance-free, have no moving parts and are whisper-quiet while they do their job.

The Most Economical Pool Heating

Installing a pool is expensive, so you want to get as much use from it as you can. Many people only use their pool in the warmer months, but with a solar powered pool heater, you can heat your pool and enjoy it in the cooler months, and your electricity bill won’t rise at all. Combined with a pool cover, you can now extend your swimming season by up to nine months, and you and your family can have fun and stay fit by swimming through winter. Your solar equipment can last up to 30 years or more. Installation usually takes just one day, and you can choose from a range of systems to suit your budget and your lifestyle. Heating your pool can bump up your power bill, but with a solar pool heater, the equipment and set-up will soon pay for itself, because your pool heating will be completely free, and you’ll get so much more use from your pool.

Solar Pool Heating Supplies

At Australian Energy Systems we specialise in economical and sustainable solar pool heating. A solar powered pool heater can be set up for any pool, new or existing, and you only pay for the equipment once, after that the electricity is free. Give us a call on 1800 243 847 or contact us online to enquire about our range of solar pool heating solutions.


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