How to Choose the Right Size Pool Heat Pump for Your Pool

How to Choose the Right Size Pool Heat Pump for Your Pool

Selecting the right size pool heat pump is crucial for ensuring your pool water stays at a comfortable temperature while minimising energy costs.

When thinking about your pool heating choices, there are 3 questions you need to ask.

  1. How long do you want to swim? A few extra months, whenever you like, or all year round?
  2. What temperature do you want to swim in? Is it 25 degrees, 28 degrees, 30 degrees or 30+ degrees?
  3. Do you have a pool cover? If not, this is an essential part of heating your pool efficiently.

Here are some other key factors to consider when choosing a heat pump for your pool:

Factors Affecting Heat Pump Size



Pool size (surface area in square meters)

Larger pools require more powerful heat pumps

Desired swimming season length

Longer swim seasons (e.g. 12 months) require larger capacity heat pumps

Local climate

Colder climates require higher heat pump output

Pool cover usage

Reduces heat loss, allowing for smaller heat pump sizes

Power supply (solar PV, 3 phase, etc)

May require electrician to assist with installation.

Determining Your Pool’s Surface Area

  1. Measure the length and width of your pool in meters
  2. Multiply length by width to get surface area in square meters (m2)
  3. Our sizing charts will identify suitable heat pump sizes using your pool’s surface size in m2

Considering Your Climate


Heat Pump Output Required


Lower output kW required


Higher output kW required 


Choosing a Heat Pump Model

Referring to our quick selection charts based on your pool size and climate, you will also need to look at your pool equipment location.

Tight spaces may require a top discharge like our TDI (pictured in the garden), others may have more space to use horizontal discharge like the Ultra Inverter (pictured next to pool equipment).

Investing in the most efficient model that meets your needs will minimise your ongoing energy costs.

Getting Expert Advice

Consult with our expert team or your local AES authorised dealer to evaluate your specific pool setup and installation location. Once this has been considered, AES can provide a personalised heat pump analysis and size and model recommendation.

We also analyse other factors relevant to you, such as budget and ongoing costs to find the perfect fit for your pool heating needs.

By carefully evaluating your pool size, climate, desired use, and energy efficiency priorities, you can select a pool heat pump that will keep your pool at an ideal temperature while controlling operating costs.

Contact our experts to give you confidence that you are making a smart long-term choice for your pool heating needs.


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