Solar Pool Heating: The Installation Process

Thermal Solar Panels Installed on the Roof of a Large House

Solar Pool Heating: The Installation Process

Solar pool heating gets a lot of attention from environmentally conscious consumers because of its exceptional energy efficiency and suitability to the Australian climate. It costs substantially less to run and will extend the swimming season by several months. In this article, we will explain the installation process you will go through with your solar pool heating supplier.


The first step of the installation process is a free consultation with your local pool heating experts. This consultation process will involve coming to an understanding of the pool and its existing infrastructure and pump array. It’s also when the pool heating expert can find out what your needs to determine the size and type of solar heating system or combined heating solution that suits you. Following this consultation, a pool heating expert will be able to determine the components and necessary installation process required for your property and then provide you with a written estimate for your evaluation.

Install Day

Most solar pool heating systems can be installed in one day, but in some cases, it can take two or more. The main factors that determine how long the installation will take is the size of the rooftop collection system, the plumbing arrangement and roof access. Some properties are particularly complicated due to angled or uneven roofs, second and third stories, and the associated extra time required to navigate the job safely.

Day to Day Operation

It is not necessary to run your solar heating system every day or all the time unless your pool is receiving very frequent use. Solar pool heating systems can be turned off over winter or if you go on holiday. If your solar heating has a dedicated control unit, you can rest knowing that it will regularly circulate water to prevent gunk and slime forming in your collector and heating lines.

Trust Australian Energy Systems to Install Your Solar Pool Heater

If you want a solar pool heater installed in  Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Brisbane look no further than Australian Energy Systems. We pride ourselves on installing top quality Australian manufactured products including solar pool heaters, pool heat pumps and gas heaters for residential and commercial customers. Our pool heating experts can design a unique solar heating system solution that is right for you, whatever size pool you own. Call 1800 243 847 or contact us online to start the consultation process today.


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