All Year-Round Pool Heating

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All Year-Round Pool Heating

Have you invested in a swimming pool for you and the family? While it can be an exciting addition to the home, that excitement tends to die down over the colder months until it becomes warm enough again to jump in. You no longer have to wait for an agonising several month’s thanks to pool heaters! Not having a pool heater during the cold months means your pool is just taking up space. Start to enjoy it again with a pool heater!

Why invest in a pool heater?

If you’ve already invested thousands in a pool, you won’t be making the most of that investment if you can only use it for a few months of the year. A pool heater ensures you can utilise this space that is meant for fun times all the time! A pool is also great for fitness purposes as swimming is a wonderful exercise that is easy on the joints. Cold weather will not be kind on stiff joints, but a heated pool will be and will make for a comfortable and enjoyable way to keep moving.

Do I need a pool heater in the summer months?

Even if it is warm outside, and the pool temperature is something you would feel comfortable in if it was the air temp, it will feel cooler. Our bodies will cool rapidly to the same temp of the pool water, making us chilly. This is why even on warm days the water can seem cold. A pool heater will keep it at a suitable water temperature. If your pool is in a shaded area, even on the warmest days, it can feel significantly colder. You’ll be glad you had a pool heater even then!

What different types of pool heating products are available?

There are a few different types of swimming pool heating systems available. Electric pool heaters use the warmth from the outside air in a refrigeration process to heat water before putting it back into the pool. Gas pool heaters use propane or natural gas to heat water. It is a quick process and is great even on the coldest days. Finally, there is solar pool heating. This uses the power of the sun with solar panels to heat up the water naturally. This is the cleanest and cheapest process as there is no increase in energy bills. Pool covers also help in the heating process. They can add on average 4-8 degrees to the pool. It also helps retain the heat. It does this by preventing evaporation, a process that can cause 75% of heat reduction. Pool covers also come with the added bonus of keeping dirt and debris out, saving you time in having to scoop it all out before enjoying your pool and preserving the life of your pool heater by preventing leaves and other debris from finding its way to the pump.

Does it add value to my property?

Swimming pools themselves can be very desirable, especially in suburban areas. This can help add to the property value slightly. Having a working, well-maintained pool heater along with it makes it even better. It doesn’t even need to be a new heater, just one that is in good working order and has been looked after. AES Pool Heating has everything you need to keep that pool inviting and feeling comfortable all year round. From pool heaters to pool covers, we got the perfect solution for your swimming pool needs. We know pool heaters inside-out, so we also offer a regular maintenance and service should you ever need it getting you back to the warm pool should you ever encounter a problem. Check out our website or give our friendly team a call today to find the best pool heating solution for you. Contact Us


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