Introduction to Pool Heaters

Introduction to Pool Heaters

A swimming pool is a big investment, but one that brings a lot of fun and fitness. In the summer months, it can be an oasis in your own backyard. In the colder months, it’s an underused space. That has changed thanks to pool heaters.

What is a pool heater?

A pool heater is a system that works to heat the water in your pool. You decide on the temperature it should be and let it get to work. There are three common types of pool heaters: electric heat pumps, gas and solar.

How do they work?

Each swimming pool heating system works in its own way. The electric pool heater works on a refrigeration cycle. It uses electricity to take the heat out from the outside air. A fan draws in the air to the evaporator coil where it now becomes a gas. This gas goes to the compressor where it heats up even more before travelling to the condenser. It is here that the heat will transfer to the water that is being pumped in before being pumped back out into the pool. This type of heater is great for people who live in at least mild temperatures. Gas heaters work with natural gas or propane. It pumps in the water and uses the gas to do the heating before being pumped back into the pool. Because it does not rely on outside air, gas pool heaters are great for any climate. Finally, there is solar pool heating. Solar panels installed on a sunny roof do all the work thanks to the power of the sun. Water is pumped up to the roof where the solar cells generate heat to put it into the water before it goes back into the pool. Even on cloudy days, you will still get warm water.

How do I maintain a pool heater system?

Pool heaters can last for years, especially solar pool heating, but it needs to have regular maintenance to ensure this. Schedule an annual maintenance with the professionals from AES Pool Heating to make sure everything stays in working order. Small problems can often be eradicated with regular maintenance. It will stop them from becoming big problems! Investing in a pool cover can help stop things like dirt and debris from getting into your heater, preventing clogging and other issues.

What do I do if I think it needs a repair/servicing?

If in the rare event you do find yourself in need of a servicing, then give AES Pool Heating a call to arrange it. You don’t want to attempt to fix it yourself as pool heating systems can be complicated and the problem might come off worse.

What benefits are there to having a pool heater?

The biggest benefit to having a pool heater is that you get to use your pool all year. When you invest in a pool, you won’t see a big return on that investment for a while if you only get to enjoy it for a few months in the year. They also do not cost as much to run as you would think they do, so bills stay low while you and the family continue to have fun. Ready for to utilise your pool to its full potential? Come check out our wide range of pool heaters on offer at AES Pool Heating! We have all types of heaters including gas, electric and even solar. There is something to suit all needs and budgets. If you’re unsure what will work for your pool, give our team a call where we can go over your options. Once you’ve chosen, we will have it installed and ready to be used so you can get back to enjoying your pool all year round. Contact Us


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