Pool too Hot? A Guide to Smart Cooling Solutions.

Shade Sail over swimming pool to keep the water cooler.

Pool too Hot? A Guide to Smart Cooling Solutions.

As the Australian sun beats down, your backyard oasis can quickly become a little too warm! There are a few innovative ways to cool your pool water by using your heating equipment as well as some other simple solutions. If you have an Inverter Heat Pump or rooftop Solar Heating, these can help reduce your pool temperature!

How Inverter Heat Pumps Keep Your Pool Perfectly Chilled:
Traditionally, pool heating systems extracted warmth from the air to transfer it to the water.

Inverter heat pumps take it a step further by reversing the refrigeration cycle, extracting heat from your pool and releasing it into the surrounding air. This unique approach efficiently cools your pool to your desired temperature.

Benefits of Inverter Heat Pumps for Pool Cooling:

  • Energy Efficiency: Inverter heat pumps are very economical. Their variable-speed compressors adjust output to match cooling demands, minimizing energy consumption. Think whisper-quiet operation and reduced strain on your power grid (and wallet!).
  • Precise Temperature Control: Gone are the days of chilly plunges or lukewarm dips. Inverter heat pumps allow for precise temperature control, ensuring your pool remains refreshingly cool throughout the summer.
  • Versatility: Invest in a year-round pool haven. By switching between cooling and heating modes, inverter heat pumps extend your swimming season, letting you enjoy your pool from spring through autumn.

Choosing the Perfect Inverter Heat Pump for Your Pool:
Selecting the right inverter heat pump depends on factors like pool size, climate, and desired cooling or heating capacity.

Contact us for expert assistance in choosing and installing the ideal unit for your needs.

We can also install your new inverter heater to ensure your pool enters a cool and refreshing era without any hassles!

Heat pump on pool equipment

Using your rooftop Solar Heating for Cooling:
You may be asking yourself “How did I not think of this before”? Well, don’t be too hard on yourself not all Solar Heating Systems have settings to run a cooling mode.

Some systems, like our MS3D Solar Heating, feature a dedicated cooling mode (Tropical Mode) to efficiently cool your pool overnight during hot weather. Make the most of your solar investment for a cool and refreshing pool.

Keep your water cool with a pool cover
If you live in a tropical environment, you may want the protection you get from evaporation with a pool cover, however, the sun’s heat is allowed in and retained by the cover that turns your pool into a warm soup!

The Koolcover doesn’t let the radiant heat from the sun through so your pool will stay cooler all while being protected from the wind and evaporation.

Shade Sail over swimming pool to keep the water cooler.

Use a shade sail or umbrella:
The most effective way to cool your pool is by using a shade sail or an umbrella. Additionally, running a water feature can also help lower the temperature of the water. In case you have a solar pool cover, it’s advisable to remove it to let some heat escape, particularly in tropical areas where the ground heat can accumulate significantly.

Debunking the Ice Myth:
The Mythbusters team conducted an experiment and discovered that it would require 4000kg of ice to reduce the temperature of a pool by only a few degrees. Therefore, while it might be a little more enjoyable, it is not a practical or economical solution.

Dive into a Summer of Cool Comfort:
By using shade sails, umbrellas, inverter heat pumps, solar heaters on cooling mode or using a Kool cover, your backyard pool can become a cool refreshing haven even on the hottest of days.

Embrace the energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, and precise control that these innovative systems offer. So, dive into your perfect pool temperatures this summer, when you make the switch to inverter heat pump pool or solar cooling and enjoy a truly refreshing dip, every single time.


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