Top 5 must-know tips for installing a pool heater on the Gold Coast

Top 5 must-know tips for installing a pool heater on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is the ultimate place to have a pool, and one of the best locations in Australia for a pool heater. The year-round warm weather keeps your running costs down and allows you to enjoy your pool in any season.

Gold Coasters are lucky enough to have 300 sunny days every year. Even in mid-winter, the average daytime temperature is 21 degrees Celsius – a temperature other southern states only dream about. A pool heater lets you maximise all that brilliant weather and get more time and fun out of your backyard.

So, if you’re a Gold Coast homeowner looking at installing a pool heater, here are the top 5 tips to help you get started.

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1. Think about when you want to swim.

Pool heaters can make your pool swimmable all year round or an extra few weeks on either side of the swim season. For Gold Coasters, that extra swim time comes cheaper and more easily thanks to the ambient temperatures year-round. However, whether you want to swim a little longer or all year may influence the type of heater you buy.

A solar pool heater is the cheapest option long-term, but may not get your pool to the most comfortable swimming temperature in winter. A gas heater is quick to heat your pool but is the most expensive option to run. An electric heat pump pool heater has low running costs (especially if it’s paired with a standard solar system) and year-round capabilities.

2. Think about size.

Matching your heat pump to the size of the pool is one of the most important elements in choosing a heater. While an expert can help you calculate the best size when they visit your home, you can get a reasonable idea by using this formula.

Work out the size of your pool: Length x width x depth (L x W x D).

Work out the kW required for your pool volume: use the following table to get a rough idea.


Pool Size

kW Required


Minimum 9kW


Minimum 12kW


Minimum 16kW


Minimum 16kW

This is a reference only and doesn’t include any other factors. An expert is the best person to give you a specific size and price. Our team are happy to give you a quote and advice on the best-sized pool heater.

3. Think about placement.

The location of your pool heater unit can affect its performance and efficiency. Gas heaters and electric pool heat pumps look like air conditioner units and are best installed close to the filter. While modern electric heat pumps are quiet, you may also want to consider keeping it away from windows.

A solar unit needs to be installed on the side of the roof that receives the most sun. In any case, it’s best to ask a qualified pool heater professional for advice on the best location in your backyard or roof.

4. Think about your long-term investment.

A pool heater can be a worthwhile investment that pays off in the long run. Not only will you save money on energy costs by choosing efficient heating options, but it may also increase the value of your property and attract more potential buyers if you ever decide to sell. A heated pool can be a great selling point and a desirable feature for many Gold Coast homeowners.

So, when you’re thinking about a pool heater, consider it as a long-term investment. Which type of heater will suit you 5 or 10 years from now? For instance, if you’re planning on installing solar in the future, an electric heat pump may be a better choice.

5. Think about the quality of lifestyle.

We talk to many families on the Gold Coast who are thinking about a pool heater but aren’t sure if it’s worth it. The fact is that the Gold Coast is one of the best, cheapest places to use a pool heater! Even in mid-winter, the days are sunny and warm enough that a dip into a warm pool is just as inviting as it is in the blazing summer.

The purchase of the unit and the installation cost are one-time fees for many, many years of family fun. We’ve never met anyone who regretted getting more swim time out of their pool!

Were to Start?

Of course, budget is a huge consideration and will impact your choice of pool heater. For a better idea of the type of heater that would suit your family, your backyard and your budget, you can contact us for a free consultation and quote.

To keep costs even lower, you can consider getting a pool blanket or liquid cover to reduce heat loss and evaporation from your pool.


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