Fantastic in small spaces, this quick and efficient heater is extremely reliable. If you need high-performance heating to rapidly warm your swimming pool or spa, the AstralPool HiNRG heater may be perfect for you.
High Performance, highly reliable and in a compact package. The AstralPool HiNRG Heaters are designed for rapid heat up of your swimming pool or spa and to work with today’s energy efficient variable speed pumps, even when set on energy efficient low speed. Available in three models, the 175, 250 and 400, the HiNRG Heater can be ordered for Natural Gas or LPG and has kilowatt equivalent outputs of 39 kW, 55kW or a massive 90 kW.
Image of HiNRG Gas Heater with white background


  • High capacity for fast heat up
  • Energy Efficient
  • Pre mixed combustion for low emissions
  • Heating on demand
  • Reduced operating cost
  • 3 model variations
  • Able to request Natural Gas or LPG


The HiNRG Gas Heater can be expertly installed in just half-a-day minimising the disruption to your normal daily routine. You can have a warm pool for an early morning swim the day after installation!
Picture of HiNRG Gas Heater after installation process


The build quality, an important factor for gas pool and spa heating is so high that the HiNRG Heater is covered by a 5 year limited warranty on both commercial and residential installations.
The installation of the HiNRG gas heater at our facility has been a great success. Pool Heating were able to help with replumbing issues and ensure the work was completed in a timely manner to reduce impact on our residents.
Picture of HiNRG Gas Heater after installation process
Gas Heater Pool Heating Solution

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