Heating your Pool? – Go Solar

Solar heating array on roof of bungalow behind swimming pool

Heating your Pool? – Go Solar

Solar pool heating is the way of the future, and the present! Solar pool heating is the most economically and environmentally effective way to heat your pool. The reality is that with today’s technology there are solar pool heating solutions to fit every purpose. That’s what we’ll talk about in this article; how the various solar pool heating options that are available today can meet your needs.

The Solar Backbone of a Dynamic System

A solar pool heater is the backbone every pool heating system needs. In today’s world, a solar heater is just as integral as a pool cover for everyday energy efficient pool management. If you think of your heating requirements as a glass that needs filling, a solar heater makes that glass a fraction as big. It is persistently adding heat energy from the sun’s visible and infrared radiation. This means that using a gas heater or an electric system in combination uses less energy, as a smaller heat gain is required of that direct energy input system. Even if you are going to depend on another pool heater to maintain a commercially viable temperature, solar pool heating will take the edge off.

No Longer an Aesthetic Blight

For a long while, solar pool heaters came in only one modality. The black tubes became an eyesore for those sensitive to their appearance, and businesses and households could be forgiven for delaying their investment. There is no longer such an excuse, Venetian Solar Pool Heating blends in with your roof. It still gathers heat with a black surface, but that black surface is now pointing at the sky rather than at your street and neighbours.

Fastest Return on Investment

Solar pool heaters may seem like an expensive investment, but it’s one that you only need to make once. After the initial outlay, a solar pool heater will work for free for the rest of its life. Many solar pool heaters come with 10+ year warranties, and in that time they will heat millions of litres of water. Quantifying the money they will save you in the long run is a complicated process, and the figures are varied but an investment in a solar pool heater will pay itself off faster in savings than any other pool heating system.

Pool Covers for the Win

Without going into too much detail, a pool cover will save on your energy costs in the same way as a solar pool heater. It will increase heat retention and reduce the rate at which chlorine is degraded by UV radiation. It will literally take the edge off, reducing heat loss directly into the atmosphere and improving the efficiency of any heater added to the system.

Australian Energy Systems Will Help

Australian Energy Systems are industry leading installation and service professionals for all variety of pool heating technologies for commercial and residential application across New South Wales and Queensland. Call them today on 1800 243 847 or get in touch online.


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