Benefits of Solar Pool heating

A rooftop solar water heating array

Benefits of Solar Pool heating

Solar pool heating is a burgeoning trend that is witnessing a major uptake across Australia. Australians are increasingly interested in environmentally friendly products and reducing the costs of living. Solar pool heating provides both of these benefits while providing you with the advantage of a warmer pool to swim in. In this article we will expand on these benefits and explain why you should think about having solar pool heating installed for your pool.

By How Much Will It Extend My Swimming Season?

Installing a solar pool heating array will definitely extend your swimming season. If you have an indoor pool, solar heating can provide a year-round solution to heating. If you have an external pool, you may also be able to provide year-round heating with a solar heater if you invest in one of the new high tech products. The precise extent to which your swimming season will be extended depends upon your unique environmental conditions and the type of solar heating you have. This means you have some choice in the matter too if you are only wanting to swim in your pool for six months a year you do not need to go for the most expensive solar heating. Alternatively, if you live in a very shady valley regularly exposed to high winds, even the best solar heating might not keep your pool warm year-round. Talk to your local pool heating professionals about your swimming preferences and local environmental conditions to determine the best system for your pool. Today there are even aesthetic solutions to solar pool heating that can blend in with your roof,

Paid and Sorted

Solar pool heating is the most reliable way to heat your pool. It’s also the cheapest in the long run. Once the system is installed it’s paid for, you are only paying for the pump which you were probably already paying for as a filter pump. Solar pool heaters last longer than heaters with moving parts too, so there is less chance of it breaking down and very little maintenance (if any) is required.

Environmentally Friendly

Because solar heating does not require additional energy input, it is considered the most environmentally friendly pool heating option. To maximize the benefit of solar pool heating, a pool cover makes all the difference. Heating a pool without a pool cover is like driving with the windows down and using air conditioning. A pool cover traps heat, reduces water loss through evaporation and prolongs the lifespan of chlorine in the system.

Contact Australian Energy Systems Today to Receive Your Obligation Free Quote

If you live in Queensland or New South Wales, Australian Energy Systems are your pool heating professionals. They install and service all varieties of solar pool heaters for residential and commercial pools, they even stock pool covers and can custom build them for your pool. Call them today on 1800 243 847 or get in touch online.


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