Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer

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Getting Your Pool Ready For Summer

How much work you’ll have to do to get your pool ready for summer will depend on how well you maintained it over winter. It’s tempting to let pool maintenance lapse if you’re not using it in winter, but a little maintenance goes a long way, and you’ll be glad you keep it up once pool season is in full swing.

The Pool Cover

Your job will be much easier if you’ve used a good pool cover while the pool wasn’t being used. Before you remove it, make sure you sweep off all the dirt, leaves, and twigs so they don’t end up in your pool and add to your workload.

Check the Water Level

Don’t run the pump until you make sure the water level is high enough to avoid damaging it. If you haven’t done any winter maintenance, you’ll find the level has dropped, although using a pool cover helps keep the level up. Check all your equipment such as the pump, filter system and strainer basket, and clean everything before running it to ensure it’s all in good working order. You may have to get in the pool and do a bit of manual cleaning if you’ve really let it go over winter. Test out your pool lights and replace any bulbs that may have blown.

Check the PH and Bacteria Levels

Using a test kit, check the pool water for bacteria and algae, as well as the pH levels. It’s a good idea to shock the pool with added chlorine, but always test the water after 24 hours and adjust the chemical levels before anyone swims in it. The chlorine levels should stabilise over the next few days, but it is still important to constantly monitor the pool water.

Check the Pool Fence

Your pool fence should be checked regularly to make sure the gate latch is working properly, and the fence is sturdy. This is particularly important if you have small children or visitors with children. While you’re checking the fence, take some time to clean up around the pool so it looks well-kept, and to reduce the risk of slipping or tripping.

Swimming Pool Heating Solutions

By installing pool heating, either a heat pump, gas, or solar heating, you can make the most of your pool all year round, and regular maintenance will mean you no longer have to get your pool ready for summer. At Australian Energy Systems, we’re dedicated to providing the perfect pool heating solution for you, with expert advice and friendly service.

Call us on 1800 243 847, or contact us online to for expert advice on our range of pool heating solutions.


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