What Thickness Do I Need for My Pool Cover?

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What Thickness Do I Need for My Pool Cover?

Every pool should have a pool cover to reduce evaporation, increase the longevity of pool chemicals and encourage heating efficiency. In this article, we will describe the principle variation between different pool covers, their thickness, and how it effects the functionality and longevity.


Pool covers are useful for a range of different reasons, and depending on your needs, the thickness you require may differ. All pool covers will reduce the flow of debris and the rate of evaporation from the pool. Thicker pool covers will make a larger contribution to heating efficiency than thinner covers, however, so if you want a pool cover to keep your pool warm, then a thicker, 400- or 500-micron pool cover might be more appropriate. If you live in a particularly hot environment and you don’t need any heating contribution, a thin cover might be the way to go.

Thicker pool covers also reduce the occurrence of UV solar radiation which degrades pool chemicals. Therefore, a thicker cover is a better choice for saving money in the long run.

When considering pool covers for commercial pools, the benefits are even stronger. However, the cost can be higher, so it is important to speak to a pool heating expert about organising the right cover for your pool.

Commercial Options

Due to the relative size and usage differences between commercial and residential pools, there are many options for commercial pool covers that improve their functionality. Some of those options include rollers, covers that attach head to tail, air bubbles to improve their manoeuvrability, and automatic rollers to reduce manual labour.

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