How Solar Pool Heating Works

How Solar Pool Heating Works

Solar pool heating is a way to heat your pool using the power of the sun. It is growing in popularity as more people become more environmentally aware and want to “go green”. It is a fabulous alternative to other types of heating like electric of gas. Some pool owners think solar heating will only work on sunny days, but you may be pleasantly surprised to learn how versatile this method is.

How Solar Pool Heating Works

Water is pumped up to the roof to the solar panels where the heat is collected. The heat is implemented with the water before being pumped back into the pool. No power is needed. Even if it is cloudy, the solar panels are still able to work away.

Other types of heating can be supplementary such as electric or gas pool heating. Pool covers are also recommended because they can help heat your pool from 4-8 degrees as well as retain as much heat in the pool water as possible by reducing evaporation.

The Impacts on the Environment

Solar pool heating does not use conventual heating methods like electric or gas. It is the power of an unlimited natural resource that does all the powering. There is no negative impact to the environment when you use solar energy, and your carbon footprint is reduced when compared to other methods. No unrenewable fossil fuels are used, and therefore less harmful carbon dioxide is being released back into the atmosphere. You will also see this reflected on your household bills. You won’t be using any additional gas or electric, but instead a free resource.

Other Benefits of Solar Pool Heating

It’s not just the green factor that is appealing to pool owners. Having a pool heater means you can swim for longer. Solar pool heating usually allows you to swim for the whole year, not just the summer months!

Solar Pool Heating 14 Tube Solar – Toowoomba[/caption]

You will also get back the biggest return on investment with a solar pool heater compared to any other type of pool heater. With gas and electric pool heaters, you pay for the equipment, installation and running costs. With solar pool heaters, you’re using the sun as a source of power, so you only pay for equipment and installation. Running it is free, and you will get back the cost of the solar pool heater within 2-7 years. Solar pool heater systems also last for years, often 15-20. The solar panels themselves can last up to 30 with proper care. That means you could be heating your pool essentially for “free” for several years. Although the initial costs are more than other types of heating, solar pool heating really is the most cost-effective.

Is My Home Suitable for Solar Pool Heating?

Most homes in Australia are great candidates for solar pool heating. The solar panels are fit on flat roofs or concrete slabs. They must be placed facing north, east or west.

Still have questions about how solar pool heating, or don’t know if it is quite right for you? Then give AES Pool Heating a call. We’re experts in solar pool heating systems and will be able to address any questions or concerns you may have. We’ll talk you through the entire process and what you can expect from a new solar pool heating system. Even if your pool has been there for a while, a solar pool heating system can be retrofitted. We’ll make sure you get maximum solar power for your heating so you and your family can get swimming in beautiful, comfortable water quickly.

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