How to Stop Pool Evaporation, Install a Pool Cover.

How to Stop Pool Evaporation, Install a Pool Cover.

We understand the effort that goes into maintaining your pool. Reducing your water loss through evaporation is an important piece of the puzzle to keep your pool balanced & healthy. You can lose between 2mm and 10mm of water every day with the majority of evaporation occurring in the evening and very early morning due to the cool air and warm water. This is when it is most important to use a pool cover if preventing evaporation is your main priority.

The Benefits of Installing a Pool Cover

Keeping your pool water clean, warm, and chemically balanced while also saving on maintenance costs are the main benefits of a pool cover.

Stop pool water evaporation with a pool cover

They Save Water Loss:

The primary benefit of installing a pool cover is the remarkable reduction in water evaporation. Evaporation rates depend on various factors, including pool size and location.

Using a pool cover diligently can save up to 95% of water evaporation, saving you a significant amount each year. Additionally, when it rains, the water will still go into the pool, effectively topping it up.

An uncovered pool, like an average 8 x 4m pool in Brisbane, can lose up to 60,000 litres of water each year if heated year-round. By using a pool cover, you can save approximately 57,000 litres per year, significantly reducing your water bills.

It Keeps the Heat In, Reducing Heating Costs:

Maintaining the warmth of your pool is essential for extending the swimming season and reducing heating costs. Our pool covers act as a barrier between the cold air and the warmer pool water.

By increasing heat retention by up to 75%, you can save on the power used to run heating systems and your heating system won’t have to work as hard, lowering running times and costs.

They Keep Your Pool Water Clean:

Our pool covers are designed to act as a protective shield for your pool. They prevent leaves, dirt, and other debris from being blown into the water, ensuring that it remains clean and clear. This means less time spent on cleaning and maintenance and more time for swimming and relaxation.

Reduce Chemical Loss:

Balancing the chemical levels in your pool is an ongoing task that can be costly and time-consuming. With a pool cover in place, the need for chemicals like chlorine and salt can be reduced significantly saving you money on chemical expenses.

What Pool Cover is right for you?

Our commitment to excellence is evident in our custom-fitted pool covers. All our pool covers are measured and tailored specifically for each pool, ensuring a perfect fit. This attention to detail results in superior evaporation prevention and heat retention.

Oasis Premium Blue 
(550 Micron):

One of our standout pool cover options is the Oasis Premium Blue. With a deep ocean blue colour, it not only enhances the aesthetic of your pool but also attracts more heat.

This newcomer in our line-up has quickly become one of our top-selling solar covers. With a 550-micron thickness, independently tested to prevent up to 99.84% evaporation.

Silverback Solar Cover:

The Oasis Silverback (550 Micron) is another remarkable addition to our range. This pool cover is suitable for all pool types, whether they are located indoors or outdoors, commercial or residential. Its translucent blue top efficiently absorbs the sun’s rays, while the silver backing helps retain the heat in the water.

Just like all our solar covers, the Oasis Silverback has been independently tested and proven to prevent up to 99.84% of evaporation. It comes with a 10-year pro-rata warranty.

Triple Cell Pool Cover:

The ultimate in pool cover technology is our Triple Cell pool cover. This revolutionary solar pool cover combines three bubbles into a unique, energy-efficient shape.

With a larger air zone and superior insulating properties, it provides enhanced protection from chlorine attack. Most impressively, it is designed to stop over 99% of evaporation. The Triple Cell pool cover comes with a 12-year pro-rata warranty.

Australian Energy Systems Pool Covers are more than just a protective layer for your pool. They are an investment in keeping your pool water in your pool, keeping it clean, and reducing your maintenance costs.

With our pool covers, you can also enjoy a longer swimming season, save on water bills, and cut down on chemical expenses. Make the smart choice and choose an Australian Energy Systems pool cover to protect your pool and your wallet.


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